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Community of Magic

A place for creative and magical beings to gather and share their craft 

Featured Artists: 

The Gossamer Naturalist

The Gossamer Naturalist is a non-binary naturalist living on Lake Superior’s North Shore. The two things that guide their work as a crafter, an educator, and a writer, are Lake Superior and the search for Love and meaning. By creating this blog, they hope to find a place to put their work out into the world in a constructive way, creating a balance for all the facets of their imagination.
By day they adventure and teach and by night they craft, seeking to balance skiing, kayaking, or birding with introspection and contemplation. If you are looking for candles, a date, or poetry about our time, reach out to them.



Waning Moon Apothecary 

Hi Magical Ones,
I'm Aubrey Hodapp; artist, herbalist, and the creator of Waning Moon Apothecary.
I make art inspired by folklore, ancient myths, and the energetic properties of nature. I'm influenced by the botanical world and all that Mother Earth has to offer. 
Waning Moon Apothecary started as a vision to share herbal arts and crafts with a magical community. Through creativity, I hope to inspire others to cultivate a deeper relationship with the earth.

Lunar Apotheca

Nasya Al-Saidy is an Arab American green witch currently practicing in New England. She is the founder of Lunar Apotheca, and uses a blend of traditional green magick alongside modern techniques to create her enchanted items. Nasya is formally trained as an environmentalist, and aims to use flowers and herbs in all of her offerings in order to remind people of the beauty and importance of the natural world.
Through her shop Lunar Apotheca, Nasya specializes in spell jars, spell necklaces, and aromatherapy intent candles. She is also in the process of becoming a certified herbalist to act as a more well-rounded apothecary. She is currently releasing salves and herbal tea blends to help provide nature-based treatments for various ailments. Many of the herbs and flowers used in the enchanted products are wildcrafted from local forests.
Lunar Apotheca aims to create simultaneously dark and natural art, to emphasize the dichotomy between darkness and living



Auragon was first created on Etsy in 2013 as an experimental side project. After a few years with Etsy, Auragon took on a life of its own and morphed into its own individual entity. Handcrafted in beautiful Mount Baldy, the tallest peak of the Los Angeles Mountain range.
Whenever you're in the moment of living life, everything seems sort of random. You can't see the end or purpose behind details until much later looking back. I've always been drawn to the infinite perfection of a circle; I can still recall the first time I ever saw a dream catcher. Nothing had ever resonated with me more, as if my mind and the weave of the catcher were speaking the same geometric language. Naturally my first dream catcher was laced with imperfection and frustration, and actually not all that much of a dream catcher, not by traditional standards at least. All that mattered to me was that I made it with my own hands, and for the first time in my life I was free. I believe we are all given unique gifts, and our duty to the world and the universe is to share our gifts. This is my gift to the world, and my duty and purpose in this life is to spread as much beauty and grace as far as I can reach until my hands simply quit. Working every day towards creating a more beautiful future.
We find beauty in things when we can unconsciously sense qualities, we need but are missing in our lives such as: gentleness, harmony, balance, peace, or strength. Beautiful objects hold an important function, they help nourish and educate our souls.
There is a spiritual science to decoration. Our surroundings hold a great deal of importance on the quality of lives we live. Every soul, environment, and spirit deserve some form of beauty. 


Weird Sister Strands

Weird Sister Strands takes its name in part from the witches in Macbeth. A reinvention of the Norns and/or the Moirai (“weird” being a form of the word “wyrd,” the Old English word for the concept of “fate”), they’re a community of women that no one (neither the characters in the play nor the play’s audience) ever get to know completely. They are rare in having that kind of autonomy, power, and illegibility, and I’ve always adored them for it. The name also, however, takes inspiration from my own lifelong status as a “weird girl”—diverging often not only from peer groups in school and, as I’ve grown, from the social and political leanings of my large extended family and (at the start of last year) from my now-erstwhile faith community. I am also the only member of my family living in the PNW, and while these lands suit my spirit in a way no other place in this country has, I’ve felt that physical distance from my beloved siblings and parents amplified because of the pandemic, a feeling a know that so many folks share.
Since all this grief and gloom inspired me to seek out the hobby that I did—as a way to transform my own heartache into joy that, however small, I could share with others—the name Weird Sister Strands just seemed perfect, as it reminds me to keep embracing my own “weirdness” and, I hope, inspire others to do the same for themselves.
I think of my strands as gentle lithic talismans as a result, and hope that the ones you're drawn to and wear bring you comfort and remind you to embrace all parts of yourself, especially when you’re in spaces where you feel the pressure (and sometimes the deeply painful need) to edit parts of your authentic self in order to keep yourself safe.


Turned to Stone Co

My name is Madison, and I am the owner and one-woman show behind Turned to Stone. I started Turned to Stone in October 2021 with the goal of sharing my love of crystals with everyone!
The thing I love most about crystals is that they can be appreciated by anyone. Whether you believe in their powerful energy, or simply find them pretty enough to display on your mantle, we can all find the beauty in them!
Since I’ve created my shop, I have been able to connect with amazing people, and if you’re reading this I hope we get the chance to connect too ❤️ I have an ever growing number of crystals available (as well as other witchy items), so there is sure to be something that calls to you!


Taurian Spirits
❦ My calling in this life is to connect deeply to that of which is sacred and to share the beauty in as many creative ways as I can. Nature is my muse and main source of inspiration because it gives me the chance to find unity, balance & harmony.
Working with natures elements, allows me to capture the true spirit of the Earth. Everything around us is woven into one beautiful pattern bestowing mesmerizing textures of all the earthly shades of healing grace. When im not out collecting nature for my art & jewelry, I am sculpting whimsical miniatures drawing from my deep curiosity within the microcosms of wildlife.
The beauty of creation relates to that which pulls us deeply inward. The great force of love that binds our beings to the destination of tomorrows passions. Where the journey sets us forward like the wings of a butterfly our spirit learns to be free. The flight into the unknown is where all things can become that of which has the remedy of natures heart. We are the forest people and earth is our sacredness. Thank you for your curiosity in the handcrafted works of Art I create. ॐ