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Ametrine Barnacle


The spirit of the ocean is wild and free, it ebs and flows with the waves crashing through the sea. The ocean teaches us to move through the tides, and explore the depths of unknown waters. Water is the element that governs over emotions and intuition, in sync fully with the Divine Feminine of life. This collection explores the energy, magic and seascapes the ocean brings us when we listen to her songs. The ocean is full of mystery and wonder, and so much to yet be discovered. The ocean calls to those to hear her songs and the magic she holds.

This piece features a real barnacle plated in copper, with a stunning ametrine gemstone within its center. Ametrine combines the properties of both citrine and amethyst. Bringing together energies of prosperity, connection, protection, joy and abundance.

The chain has been adorned in black pearls, citrine and amethyst stones.

Hangs on a 18 inch antiqued copper chain