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Crystal Legbone Earrings


The time of the Shadow half of the year is upon us as we decend into the heart of Winter. The season of shadows is a profound time of shedding, letting go and making space for the new things coming into our lives. The shadow hides the truth from the light, but that never means the truth is lost. Shadows are usually set in place within our own psyche and spirit to keep us safe from harm, and as we grow the need for this shadow shrinks. The shadow takes up space, and we must honor it, thank it for keeping us safe and allow it to transform back to it's natural state of being. Shadows should not be feared, but taken with more caution and love to be understood.

A pair of real leg bones from a rabbit has been adorned with a pair of clear crystal points. And complete with a pair of faceted amethyst gemstones hanging below.

**All bones, antlers, and organic matter is found within the forest in the natural cycle of life. No creatures are ever harmed in the making of anything at Arctium Alchemy

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