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Deep Woodland Magic Talisman


The Hidden Worlds touches on the profound concept of the deep and expansive landscapes of our own inner worlds. Within our inner worlds is where we interact with reality more than we do in it's physical expression. The inner worlds govern our thoughts, emotions, patterns, spirit, voice and all that makes us, us; as well as an intimate part within the Divine Whole. Hidden within us is an infinite landscape of uncharted valleys and plains, deserts, seas and the highest mountain peaks. The one holding the key to explore the depths of our own psyche is ourselves. The inner worlds are not something to hide away from, or show fear to, but rather to drop right in with vast vulnerability. Each individual is faced with their own journey within the inner and outter worlds within this lifetime, but we truly are all in this dance together. If we remember that life is meant to be a playground, to connect, love, grow, and learn, things flow a bit smoother. Have you tapped into your inner worlds?

Deep within the shadows of the forest lies a different kind of magic, one we all must face in order to stand in the light. Facing our shadows isn't something one approaches with excitement in most cases, but understanding the root of these fears is very important for navigating our inner landscapes.

This amulet holds a deep green epidote crystal and has been topped with a green tourmaline. This piece is all about diving into the depths of the heart space with grace and wonder.

Hangs on a 16 inch antiqued copper chain

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