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Earth Acorn Pendant


Earth Magic at it's peak.

This piece was born in a meditation in the Redwoods not long after I had the opportunity to visit. I wanted to create something similar to the energy of the trees.

A beautifully complex and rare Smokey Quartz takes center stage, on one of it's faces it holds a perfrctly etched triangle, also known as a record keeper. Topped by a real acorn top and adorned with a moss agate.

**a record keeper is a naturally formed, and perfectly etched triangle in the faces of crystal formations. These etchings are said to give acess to higher information when working through crystal integration and meditation**

This piece holds the essence of the grounding earth and sprinkles of Redwood magic.

The chain is adorned with Gold Sheen Onxy stones to really embody the grounding and protection energy in this piece.

Hangs on a 18 inch Antique Copper chain