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Fern Magic Talisman


Beltane is the festival of life, honoring the peak of rebirth to the Earth. Also known as the Flower Faerie Festival. Beltane honors the Greenwood marriage of the Goddess and the God, the peak of fertility. New seeds began to stir during Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, and nine months from then the Sun is reborn on the Winter Solstice. The ever magical dance of life. Beltane is a traditional festival of celebrating life with huge Belfires or Bonfires, dancing, feast, abundance, love and eloping into the meadows and woodlands until dawn. Women would wash their face in the fresh morning dew on Beltane morning, and gather fresh wildflowers to bring into the home. This holiday is potent with life and faerie magic, and personally my favorite.

Ferns carry so much magic within them, like a portal to Middle Earth and the Faerie Realm. This beautiful fern comes from the East coast and a wonderful witchy sister of mine Gaia of Ringing Rocks Mint. I plated this one in coppper and adorned it with a stunning labradorite gemtstone.

Hangs on a 28 inch antiqued copper chain