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Lilac Leaf


The Spring Equniox is the point in the wheel of the year in which rebirth is stirring both beneath and above the surface. With such beautiful balance of new life and the death of winter, I really captured the idea of life and death in this collection. The one animal represented within spring is the Rabbit. The Rabbit is a very strong symbol of regeneration, transformation, and rebirth. The balance of death and the green new shoots of new life.

Lilac is strongly represented through Ostara, as spring is awakening and new growth is popping out on all the bushes and trees. We won't get flowers until we are closer to may. This leaf is from a magical Lilac bush and one I've been holding for a while. Lilac is a strong symbol of rebirth and inner peace.

This leaf has been adorned with a bright blue flashy labradorite.

The chain hass been decorated in iolite, smoky quartz and amethyst stones.

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