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Midsummer Nights Dream Portal


During the peak of summer, a certain type of abundant magic flows over the land. Midsummer marks the peak of summer magic in the air, and reflects through every movement of nature. Midsummer's Night is said to be one of the most active nights of faerie magic. Many tales tell us of old mysterious magical songs rising from the forest at dusk on the eve of Midsummer.

The Midsummer Dreams Collection came to me through the pure magic, inspiration and profound beauty of the alpine mountains. There is something otherwordly about the alpine; through the majestic towering mountain faces walking up to the timberline, where the trees just stop at about 11,000 feet due to lack of oxygen, rainbows of wildflower filled meadows, sprinkled with mirror like clear lakes within the trees and foliage. The air dances in a new way on those mountain tops, and it's such a beautiful type of magic.

Midsummer Dreams come to you with abundant energy and magic, and a reminder that everything you need is always hidden within you. A reminder that magic is all around you and everything is alive, dance with the wind, and sing with the wildflowers, bask in the sunshine and explore new palces. Life is meant to be magical and fun!

Midsummer's Night is one of the most Faerie Magic active nights of the whole year. Within this night a new type of magic comes to life under the moonlight. This beautiful cosmic piece really captures the essence of the magic of summer nights.

Featuring a rainbow filled labradorite gemstone, adorned with a lapis lazuli crscent moon, and a pair of shimmering labradorite "stars". This peice holds a whole lot of cosmic midsummer magic.

The chain holds faceted citrine and labradorite gemstone beads

Hangs on a 22 inch antiqued copper chain

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