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Mini Labradorite Bone Axe


The path of the Sacred Warrior is one of Divine balance; through open, gentle vulnerability, and stern, strong boundaries. The Warrior knows they do not fight for their ownself, but for the collective whole of all life. Healing the self through the inner worlds to reflect this graceful love back into the world. The world is shaking, and through the collective quiver to fear, we will rise again. Finding our own inner strength and power to push us forward to something better.

This entire Collection is based around the beautiful concept of the Sacred Warrior and the path they take. Through my own journey to find my own inner power again, this powerful collection came to life. All through Divine timing as we collectively need to wake back up to our own power.

This mini axe is all about transformative and personal power. As labradorite is the stone of transformation, magic and synchronicity, with it's gold flash it really homes in on the personal power aspect of the self. The handle is a copper plated leg bone, topped with a small diamond quartz.

Hangs on a 18 inch antiqued copper chain

**All bones, feathers and organic material is found within the forest within the natural cycles of life. No creature is ever harmed in teh creation of anything at Arctium Alchemy.