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Mystic Snail Talisman


Beltane marks the point in the year when it is the peak of rebirth of the Earth. Flowers are blooming, bird song fills the air, the lush green is returning to the landscape, and the sun shines brighter making our days longer. This time of year it's all about abundance and fertility throughout the Earth. Beltane is known as the Fairy Festival, celebrating life itself and the fertility of life. The magic throughout the land is at it's most potent, and anything is possible with this kind of energy. Can you feel the magic awakening?

Featuring a real copper plated snail shell, has been adorned with a small copper plated fern leaf, a shimmering rainbow moonstone and a deep pink tourmaline gemstone. Below holds a Vera Cruz Ameythst point.

The chain holds amethyst and citrine gemstone beads.

Hangs on a 22 inch antiqued copper chain

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