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Snow Moon


The season of Winer holds a different kind of magic. Jack Frost is deep within the breeze as it dances across the landscape, painting it's edges with magical spirals of glistening ice. Within these cold months of the shadow half of the year, the darkness is heavy and the cold keeps us longing for warmer and brighter days. A time of great introspection, reflection, and integration. The beauty the Yule Tide season brings is one within the layers, as the beautiful winter landscape is wonderful to behold, this season is all about finding that light within ourselves. The bright light of joy, hope and unconditional love shared through the heart space with those we cherish most. The Winter Solstice itself marks the day of the rebirth of the sun, and a promise of brighter days to come. A very profound and symbolic time of the year.

The Snow Moon is the darkest moon of the year. A moon shining in the heart of winter, as the earth sleeps. This Amulet holds a beautiful rainbow filled clear quartz crescent moon, wtih a unique black agate teardrop below. Surrounded by copper plated cedar branches, and topped with a beautiful rainbow moonstone.

Hangs on a 22 inch antiqued copper chain

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