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Witches Broom


Autumn brings magic of renewal rejuvenation, shedding, letting go, reflection and deep introspection. Through the seasonanl shift, we are reminded just how beautiful and necessary it is to let things go, shed that which we have outgrown, in order to make room for the new.
The energy from the Earth is now returning to it's roots and depths within the dark. As the energy returns to the core, we too are asked to turn back inward to prepare for the dark slumber of Winter to come.

The Season of the Witch honors the journey to the depths of our own underworld to gain greater wisdom and insight. The Witch is a being who works in sync with the natural cycles of the Earth and honors them. The Witches Brew Collection is all about honoring the journey of rediscovering our own roots and energy. Celebrating the cycles of life and death.
This Collection holds magic of real sage roots from a mountain cemetery in the middle of an aspen grove, smoky quartz crystals mined by my own hand from Colorado, snake skin to honor the symbolism of shedding/letting go, bones, antlers, mini hand sculpted witches cauldrons, and so much more!!

The Witches Brew wouldn't be complete without a Witches Broom of it's own. This magical little broom has been made from an ash branch as the handle, and sage roots as the brissles. Adorned with a faceted garnet and small rainbow moonstone, and a small clear quartz point at the top. Brooms are powerful cleansing tools in the craft.

The chain holds faceted iolite, black spinel and citrine gemstone beads.

Hangs on a 22 inch antiqued copper chain

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