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Elemental Alchemy Mala: Earth


The Elemental Alchemy Mala Series was made to honor the elemental magic through presence and deep integrated energy work. Malas have traditionally been used as meditation tools to count mantras through one's practice. Made with 108 beads, being the number of spiritual completetion. Each mala has been fully integrated and set with deep intentional magic of each of the Elements. All coming with their own unique energy and purpose.


Earth is the element that holds us, shapes us and brings us form. Holding the energy of grounding, strength, endurance, stability, and growth. Earth brings us back to reality and centers us in this world. Ruling over mountains, crystals, forests and landscapes. Earth nurtures us.

The Mala of Earth truly holds all the grounded protection energy it can to make the user feel safe and secure. Bringing you back to the ground and allowing the energy to sink back into the Earth. This mala holds the Earth Alchemy symbol made out of Ash braches and plated in copper. Holding three stunning deep green tourmaline crystals to really home in on that grounded, nurturing, and centered energy.

The mala itself is made of moss agate, tiger eye and smoky quartz stone beads.

The Guru bead is made of rainbow obsidian and has the mantra, " Om Mani Padme Hum", which means "the jewel within the lotus", carved within it. A reminder of the great cosmic order driving the universal consciousness.