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Elemental Alchemy Mala: Water


The Elemental Alchemy Mala Series was made to honor the elemental magic through presence and deep integrated energy work. Malas have traditionally been used as meditation tools to count mantras through one's practice. Made with 108 beads, being the number of spiritual completetion. Each mala has been fully integrated and set with deep intentional magic of each of the Elements. All coming with their own unique energy and purpose.


Water is the element that reminds us to flow with what life gives us. The energy of water is calming, peaceful, purifying, cleansing, and it is also a powerful force. Tapping us deeper into our emotions and intuition, the element of water shows us the power of compassion and force. For a canyon is not carved in a night.

Water also rules over the moon and all the powerful sacred feminine brings.

This Mala has been handcrafted with so much care and love. Holding the Alchemy Symbol of water made out of Ash branches and preserved in copper. Adorned with a deep blue aquamarine gemstone.

The Mala itself is made of aquamarine, pearls and labradorite gemstones.

The Guru bead is made of rainbow obsidian and has the mantra, " Om Mani Padme Hum", which means "the jewel within the lotus", carved within it. A reminder of the great cosmic order driving the universal consciousness.