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Golden Light Bracelet


The atoms within us were once within a life giving star, much like our sun giving us the opportunity for life. We are living stardust; the essence and light within the cosmos. Throughout time the sun has been honored and celebrated for it is our star within the sky that enables life to be all that it is. June 21st marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year. This day the sun's power is at it's very peak and is a wonderful time to revel in our accomplishments thus far, honoring the abundance and prosperity of the earth, enjoying the summer sunshine and long bright days. Summer is finally here and it is a time to celebrate! We too hold the power of the sun within us, dictating the steps we take on our path and what control we carry within our own journey. Reflecting the power of our life giving star.

This collection also really focuses on the desert energy of Ancient Egypt, channeling profound energy, clarity, protection, power, wisdom, and ancient anscestral knowledge.

This beautiful bracelet features a stunning double terminated natural citrine crystal with various faceted citrine beads within the chain.

Length is 18 inches and can be adjusted for shorter or can be worn as an ankle bracelet

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