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Rooted Remains Dreamcatcher


In the darkest shadows of Winter we are met with the longest nights and coldest hour. The dance of the seasons reflect the dance our spirit goes through, moving in circles, light casting shadow. For darkness cannot exist without the light, one of the most profound lessons we each face in the heart of Winter. This past winter season the world collectively went through one of the most profound Dark Nights of the Soul. Collectively reflecting and integrating our own personal lessons through intense shadow work, self-reflection, introspection as a whole. For we cannot change what we refuse to touch. The deepest truth of our inner demons, is they are just misunderstood pieces of oursleves craving to be seen and to be loved.

The Rooted Remains Collection really reminds us of our primal essence of being human, and how human is as human does. We cannot grasp that which we do not know. Being human is a profound dance, and balancing act, embracing our spiritual essence all while honoring our human nature. We crave protection, stability, structure, and a space to feel safe.

This Dreamcatcher holds profound grounding power. Created through periods of intense and powerful times of transformation.

The top ring holds a Lake Superior Agate, edges plated in copper. With a ring of bloodstone, garnet and labradorite. Holding real snake skin and deer vertebrae.
The snake symbolises the awakening of consciousness moving up the spine. The Root Chakra rules over the bone structrue of the body.

The middle ring holds a colorado geode, edges plated in copper, with a ring of citrine, tiger eye and bloodstone. Holding a small rodent leg bone within it's web.

The bottom ring holds a smoky quartz point, plated in copper, with a ring of citrine and garnet.

The feathers are from a speckled hen and wild turkies. Symbolizing nurtring and commuinity energy.

Hangs about 3 feet long

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