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Rose and Peridot


The collection of purifcation, rebirth and regeneration. Aligning with the Winter Festival Of Lights, Imbolc. Honoring the stirring of transformation beneath the surface as we push toward spring and the rebirth of the Earth. Nature does not hurry, it takes it's slow and steady time, yet all is accomplished as it should. Patience is the biggest lesson this time of the year, as the quicking has arrived, yet the sprouts of spring stay in slumber for a few more weeks. We can feel the stirring of change, feel the warmth picking up in the wind, and bird song returning to our windsills. The promise of rebirth is here, and now it is time to slowly make our way to brighter and warmer days.

Rose quartz coming together with the pure flower magic of the rose. A dreamy rose quartz tear drop filled with rainbows and inclusions, holds a copper plated rose leaf adorned with a shimmering faceted peridot gemstone. Peridot and Rose Quartz are both gemstones of the heart, or anahata (heart chakra). Holding safe and peaceful space to awaken and open the heart.

The chain has been decorated in faceted rose quartz and peridiot stone beads.

Hangs on a 24 inch antiqued copper chain