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777 Intuition Salt

$9.00 - $12.00

Through the 777 portal this incredible ritual salt was foraged. The 777 portal is all about Divine Intervention, being called to your highest purpose. This portal is an invitation to rise.

This Intuition Salt is made with a base of Dead Sea Salt, mixed with lavender and jasmine buds, clear quartz points, frankinsence resin, and organic indigo mica.

This salt blend was created to help the user tap deeper into their own inner realms and awaken or strengthen their inuition and own inniate inner knowing. Todays age we second guess and question and doubt ourselves a lot, and we have forgotten how to truly listen to ourselves.

can be kept in the vile for a intuition charm, next to your bed to aid in dream recall and working in the dreamscapes, or can be opened and used in various other personal intuition rituals. Can be used in the bath but be mindful of organic matter and crystals in vile!!

**Ritual Salt is NOT for consumption**