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Harvest Moon Mist


The Harvest Moon marks the point in the year when balance is being restored, where the light and dark are in perfect balance. This moon is a great time for reflection of the year, refining goals, shedding old skins, realsing old systems and paving the way for the new to come.

This magical Harvest Moon Mist has been made with Rocky Mountain Spring Water charged by the Harvest Moon in Aries.

Holding Dead Sea Salt, rose gold and gold organic mica, carnelian chips, and an autumn oil blend with hints of cinnamon, clove, lemon, cedar and palo santo.

This Mist holds all the essence of Autumn and is probably my best Moon Mist yet!

Use: Spray in spaces for cleansing; in the house, over doorways, in the car, over your bed, over your yoga mat before practice or before mediation.

This spray is extremely calming and grounding

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