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Blue Moon Mist


The Blue Moon is a rare occurance that happens every few years and this previous Blue Moon was a super rare one. This Blue Moon was swimming in the subconscious waters of Pisces and really tapping into our dreamscapes.

This Blue Moon mist holds Rocky Mountain Spring Water that was charged by the Blue Moon in August. Complete with Dead Sea Salt, blue and rose gold organic mica, aquamarine and clear quartz crystals and a single Colorado smoky quartz point I mined myself for some extra grounding energy.

The oil blend in this is the most special, holding cedarwood, sandalwood, amber and a moldavite infused oil all blended together and infused with a herkimer diamond.

This Blue Moon Mist is meant to induce deep and profound states of meditation to help the individual navigate their own inner realms.

Use: Spray in meditation space or over bed before going to sleep for some enhanced dream work. It is a potent one! So please be mindful!!

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