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Harvest Moon Ritual Salt


The Harvest Moon marks the point in the year when balance is being restored, where the light and dark are in perfect balance. This moon is a great time for reflection of the year, refining goals, shedding old skins, realsing old systems and paving the way for the new to come.

This Harvest Moon Ritual Salt has been made with a base of Dead Sea Salt, combined with red and gold organic mica, crushed cinnamon sticks, sunflower petals, citrine and carnelian gemstone chips, and a lovely autumn oil blend with warming notes of cinnamon, clove, lemon, cedar, amber and palo santo.

Comes in a 30 mL glass vile with removable cork

Use: My ritual salts are self clearing vessels so they do not need to be opened to use, they can act as a spell charm for ritual, put next to your bed to keep away bad dreams, on your person for some extra warming autumn zest in your life or open it to add to more personal rituals.


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