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Alchemy Bone Symbol: Water


The shadow half of the year is filled with things that could scare us right out of our pants. As we dive deeper toward Samhain/Day of the Dead we can feel the stirs picking up behind the veil, and gateways are opening as the walls thin. Death is not something to be feared, as it is where we are all headed, it plays a very important role in the dance of life. The sacred circle of life, the dance we must honor and respect, as each moment profound balance of death and life takes place. Death is a moment where energy is returned to the source and that energy is recycled in more ways than one. Through spirit, flesh and bone we are transformed.

The elements have been represented through bone. Each symbol has been hand crafted using small rodent bones found within the forest.

The element of water holds a small seashell with a flashy rainbow moonstone within it's center.

Hangs on a 14 inch antiqued copper chain

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